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I have no idea when the last time the the transmission fluids were changed. Is this a simple task?

Here is what I do know...
I had the oil changed just over 2000 miles ago (10w40)
I just went outside and checked the transmission fluid level... here is what I saw. I took out the dipstick, wiped it clean and put it back in. The dipstick is not straight, but has curves which looks to be made by design. Anyways.. on the very bottom of the dipstick, there are 2 lines that run across the dipstick. The fluid level in between the bottom end of the dipstick and the bottom line. Should the fluid be AT the line? The color of the fluid is hard to describe. At first it looked green.. but then it looks a little red.

About the transmission modulator.. i have no idea what that is. There is no problems with the shifter in moving from park to reverse, etc. Question #5... I don't know what that means. Again, I am not too knowledgable on mechanics. I am trying to learn

Thank you for your responces.
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