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Just got back from my mechanic some hard hitting news.

He looked over my 4 cyl 230 (1976) and told me that there is a problem with cylinders 2+3. (I know something's wrong because I did the pulling of the ignition wires test and found no major response when pulling their plugs)

I don't seem to be leaking coolant and I am leaking oil from below but not burning it. (plugs not wet)

I have been having a lot of problems getting it to idle smoothly and after properly tuning the mixture it still idles fairly rough (hot+cold)

Coupled with a jumping temperature gauge (already replaced the sensor) he thinks it's a head gasket problem. (leaking coolant or something)

He said upon removing the two cylinders' plugs, he saw smoke.

Any second (or third)opinions?

I don't think I can afford this job right now, so I'm hoping there is another option first.

Thanks guys (and gals)


1976 230.4
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