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Thanks guys, actually, I have been having problems starting when cold in the morning. I have to rev the engine fairly high for it to turn over properly. I thought this might have to do with the points. I replaced them recently and didn't get the dwell angle correct so I asked the mechanic to set them for me.

As for leaking coolant, my level seems to be remaining constant, my oil level is going down but like I said, I am dripping slightly from the filter and drain plug. I'll ask the mechanic if he had a compression test done, but I think he has already done that.

He is a Mercedes repair shop thats been in service since 1961, so I don't think that fixing older cars is a concern to him. He has cars form the fifties and sixties in his shop.

I will be meeting with him tomorow morning to discuss my options.

Thanks again,


1976 230.4
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