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Hey Guys

Tks for your replies.

Sunil - I have the Haynes manual and use it for the more straightforward fixes. I have been a diehard Haynes fan since I bought my first manual for my 1979 Alfa Romeo Sprint 6 years ago. You have the 1.8, would my babybenz be similar to yours? Mine's a RHD.

Steve - you're right about "the switches being current carriers...".

There is only one sensor/switch for the electromagnetic fan, isn't it (the one on the valve cover - 2 prong on my 1.8)?

Could you guys advise on the path in which the cable travels from the temp sensor on the valve cover?

Is it connected directly to the electromagnetic clutch, or does it go thru' a relay?

The cable seems to go back from the side of the car towards the battery and disappears thereafter...where does it go to?

Tks again for your responses. Hope to hear from you guys again.
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