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I have to admit I've never changed oil myself. I live in an apartment and don't really have a place to. But you've convinced me that I should be changing it myself.

Every time I go to Jiffy Lube or Oilstop or one of those places, I wish I'd changed it myself anyway. They always put too much oil in there, lose the nut that holds the top on the air filter, etc. Then they give me a funny look when I tell them the 280C takes 6 quarts. It seems to me that 6 quarts is on the small end of oil capacities as far as Benzes go. Oilchanger forgot to put tranny fluid back in my brother's transmission one time. At least they paid for the rebuilt one. OK, enough of me ripping on those places. I should probably pay the extra couple bucks and go to an independent Mercedes shop. Can anyone recommend one in the Santa Barbara area?

Is it illegal to change oil in the street? (Assuming you properly dispose of the used oil.)

I've got the Chilton's. Is there enough information in there to change the oil, or are there any other tricks I should know?
Do I just drain the fluid (overnight of course), change the filter, and put oil back in?

Any recommendations on oil for the 300SD in Santa Barbara? 50 degrees F is a cold night here. The temperature might drop a hair below freezing on one or two nights in the winter. 20/50 works great in the 280C. Is 20/50 too thick for the 300SD?

Thanks for all your help Larry and Larry, and everybody else! This is a great forum.
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