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Originally Posted by ruchase View Post
Hi Stevo, the pedal is almost to the top before the clutch is engaged. After much fiddling with the eccentric adjustment, the best I've been able to achieve is releasing the clutch slightly around mid-point (actually somewhere between mid-point and fully to the top of the pedal ROM).

There isn't much free play to speak of though...

Also, is there a stark difference between the earlier type slave cylinder and later?
The two slaves have different bolt patterns so that shouldn't be an issue, cant switch em.

If you pull the kick panel you could use a mirror and good light to see if the push rod end is black or white. That might be a clue. The T/O bearing could be wrong but You dont want to pull the tranny quite yet.

The later (yours) T/O bearing has the lower shoulder (where the fork rides) so if the early one was installed (higher shoulder) I dont think that wouldn't produce the problem you describe,

silly question, but ..You do have the one piece aluminum Getrag gear box as opposed to the two piece steel box. they are easy too tell apart.

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