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Originally Posted by Brian Carlton View Post
What's the soot level at 9000 on a 617?

Do you go 9000 on the filter?

My own decision is 5000 based upon a 1% soot limit. Apparently you are OK with higher?
The critical factor for me is any engine coolant in the oil, that kills more engines than soot ever will.
By the time you see coolant (milkshake) discolored oil, it is usually a major engine and injection pump rebuild.

You are correct, I have run considerably higher, typically, the suggested limit for soot on the old mechanical injection diesel engines was 3-5%.

On my personal vehicles 2% soot with 0W-40 synthetic oil is simply indicating oil change needed now.

At 9000 miles my worst engine is 1.5%, the others vary between 0.5% and 1% soot load.

Please note that:
* I tune to the lean side for durability/MPG.
* Due to serious low diesel cetane issues I add 4-6 ounces of two stroke oil in every tank of fuel.
* Due to serious random fuel quality issues Biobor and StarTron are required frequently (more than 4 times per year).

The filters are changed every 3000 miles, they are cheap and easy.
If during engine service I suspect contamination, the oil is changed regardless of miles.
This is all a matter of choice to me.

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