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Come to think of it, he did mention it getting a little louder than when he noticed it earlier.


J.H. - I'm not sure 'bout 124s but i think a safe bet would be to swap out the fuel pump and see how it goes (b4 it conks out!).

JCE - On my 190e, when I first turn the key to position II, there is a hiss (yep, like liquid sizzlin' in a pan); and I know for a fact that it's the pump. But there ain't no music playin' when I switch it off... I wonder if that's normal on a 190e;and i'm talkin' 'bout EVERYTIME i turn the far no probs except the occasional stalling..

Fuel pump relay and OVP relay swapped out but to no avail. Could the pump on my 190e be flyin' north?

Any thoughts?

Tks for quick replies.

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