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Originally Posted by Air&Road View Post
Yes, not too many months ago there was an article in "AOPA Pilot" about a diesel powered Cessna. Since new 182's cost something in the several hundred thousand dollar range these days, I did not pay much attention to the article.
Does technology/trends not trickle down like in housing? Vater was saying there is a diesel Veryeasy. Maybe some day there will be more and powered by biodiesel.

Originally Posted by Air&Road View Post
Oddly enough jet a is less expensive than 100LL but not available at all small airports.
I asked Vater and then qwerty posted the chart. What I think I was thinking of was the high cost to operate jet aircraft.

Makes sense it isn't as available as avgas, which is the same for mogas. I sure hope they keep the ethanol out of any gas going into aircraft and keep the ll. Just waiting for the later to change to ground private aviation. Vater was the one to mention it and told him there are too many pilots to happen right away. Though Meigs Airfield was done overnight...
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