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That's a good idea Mach4

Originally Posted by mach4 View Post
You can find kits on eBay for doing flex lines for T4 turbo feed and/or drain. These are very standard, easy to find and widely used. Here's just one example of a line and fittings. Going this route would eliminate one welded joint by replacing the entire turbo fitting with a made up one. Just search something like "T4 turbo oil line" on eBay for options.

You'll still need to braze a fitting on the other end. It would be something like this fitting I made up for my oil cooler lines when converting to AN fittings (note I ended up not using this setup, opting to modify the oil cooler and using a 90 fitting instead, but others have gone this exact route with great success)

Seems like -4 hose and fittings would work, but I think -6 would be what you would want to use if you decide to modify your existing hard lines.

Good luck
I agree that -6 AN (3/8") would be the best size. That photo of the oil cooler line reminds me that I will replacing the same oil lines on my engine as well as the engine mounts as soon as my turbo rebuild is done.

One thing though... the adapters shown in the photo will not work on the OM617a because the hose connection needs to come off the side of the fitting in order to make clearance for the stock air filter. I needed, I can make a custom one for this purpose, or adapt the existing fitting.
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