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matthew merrill
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Hello again,
I am hoping someone can help. I received
the euro headlight wiper kit and cable for
my 78 300d the other day.
It looks straight forward, but I wanted to confirm how to wire it up.
There are several connections, I will go thru them

1 for the right wiper motor
1 for the left wiper motor
1 for the current washer motor
1 for the new washer motoer
1 to plug into the old washer motor harness
1 for the relay

then there is a long wire that has a purple
band on it. I think this goes to the rotary switch for the lights and screws into the headlight on connection?

Since the headlights have to be on and the washers activated to wipe the headlamps I
think this is correct.

Any suggestions?

Matthew Merrill
78 300D 145,000 mi
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