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A lot of truth in that. About every 2 years when my Rolex quits and needs a cleaning or new parts I dig out a quartz watch that I bought at Wal-Mart for $8 5 years ago. It is always running, always right on the correct time. I think there is a message here. [/B]
The Rolex dealer I take mine to recommends a cleaning and minor adjustment every year at $100 per. Since I have 2, that service alone will pay for about 25 such quartz watches each year. Makes one wonder....

I can agree with the quartz models running almost forever. I have a Tag Heuer SE/L purchased in 1997 and short of needing one battery replacement, it's been ticking flawlessly. Much cheaper than the Rolex's and I can have it cleaned and serviced (battery) installed at any local jewelry store for under $10. No one would touch the Rolex or Omegas except authorized dealers.

Same applies to the MBs. They take a bit more TLC to keep them in line. I've put about 215k miles on my VW TDI since 1998 and it's needed NOTHING. It was initially just a cheap car, but has proven itself over and over. Maybe I've spent $2500 in non-routine-maintainance items on that car the entire time. Conversely, I've put more than 3 times that into the MB since April 2001 and it's only clocked 60k miles since then.

Having said all this, I still wouldn't give up the MB or the fine watches.
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