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Why am I being a pest about axles?

Folks, I realize I've been a pest about getting some axles that have been rebooted. Do you know why? Well, last week, I heard the "swirl" noise. I already knew the inner boots were cracked.....but the "swirl" noise meant they were worse.

This past weekend, I climbed under the car and gave it an inspection. Here's what I found:

Note the non factory clamps on the outer boot:

So, knowing the cause of the "swirl" noise and also knowing I don't want any more water nor dirt getting in there, what do I do?

I know. A temporary patch on both BROKEN open boots:

I really need some replacement axles.....

What do the 3 red marks on the spring mean?
And look....the differential cover has been off not too long ago. Hmmm.....wonder why?

Anyone have answers? Please advise.
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