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Thanks for pointing this out to the forum! There is an excellent review on latex glove hazards at the following URL:
They state that allergy to the proteins and powders in latex gloves is "believed to affect less than 1% of the population". This is much less than the percentage of people affected by the chemicals the gloves are designed to protect against. Much of the allergy potential is believed to come from cheaper, poorly manufactured (not properly washed out during manufactur) gloves, and can also result in respiratory problems.

As in the case of the Sodium Azide in airbags, the nickel coin, the formaldehyde in new carpet or particle board speaker enclosures, the nylon in many brushes, etc. etc., some (usually small) percentage of the population will be allergic or will develop allergic response over time. The trick is to look at the risk vs. benefit and make an informed decision, and then realize that sometimes your best decision at the time may turn out to be wrong in retrospect. For me, the highest risk is to NOT use the gloves, but this is a personal decision. Thanks again for bringing this up!

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