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New (to me) W124 Coupe ??'s

Folks -

Car is a 1990 300CE with 127,xxx on it. In recent (last 20K) history, a/c was revamped, radiator was replaced, and it had a complete head job.

Overall, I like the car, but there are a few issues that you all probably know the answers to off the cuff:

1 - Recirc button - doesn't appear to do *anything*.. Push it, no vacuum noise, no light comes on.

2 - When cold, it takes several cranks to start the engine. Once running it is fine. Only thing I could come-up with that might be related was a fairly significant buzzing noise from the main fuel pump.

3 - Knocking noise from passenger front when driving at low speed - guessing ball joint, but other common causes?

4 - Passenger head rest doesn't - as I understand many of them don't. I know the motor is doing something, but the other thing is I can adjust it manually with little effort.

5 - Trip Odometer - Doesn't. Isn't this supposed to be a relatively easy fix?

Thanks for the help.

'90 300CE
'84 300D-T
'70 BMW 2800
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