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Oh happy day...broken guide rail

I am somewhat "restoring" my 86 420 and in the process sprucing up the engine compartment. So I took the nasty valve covers off to get them coated. I got to looking at the timing chain and guide rails. First of all, they are dark brown, which I know means replace them, and then I shine a light down the drivers side of the engine (down the chain) and there sits a piece of a broken lower guide rail. The top ones are all there, so it could only be a lower one. I've looked up previous posts on chain and rail replacements, but they mostly talk about the uppers.

Now, the lowers require dismantling the entire front of the engine and timing cover, correct?

Is this anything for a gutsy mechanically inclined DIYer with factory service manuals to tackle? Or is this something to trailer it to the shop for? Any idea what that might run for someone else to do it?
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