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Installation instructions

Here are the instructions for installing the bracket, compressor and tension adjustment parts. Sorry for the crummy photos. They were not taken with the parts on an engine, but you get the idea (I may replace them with the plate mounted on an engine if I get a chance).
The first thing to do is remove the old R4 compressor and aluminum mounting bracket.
You will need to retain one long compressor bolt, and the dual oil cooler hose strap, as they will be re-used.
Mount the plate on the engine using one long bolt (used) and one washer and lock nut (provided), and three 8mm bolts and lock washers.
Install all four fasteners before tightening them fully.

Next, install the tension adjusting brackets, adjusting screw, and spacer as shown. Place the washer against the aluminum:

Next, mount the compressor on the outboard side of the tabs with the nuts facing towards each other (again, with the washers against the aluminum):

Install the slotted adjusting bracket to the plate with the short bolt. The finished product should look like this:

Be sure to tighten the top two bolts just snug so the compressor can swing. After installing the belt, tighten the long adjusting screw so the belt has the proper tension, and then tighten the jamb nut. You can now tighten all the bolts.
Install the oil cooler line bracket in the power steering pump bracket using the two factory bolts. Re-use the dual hose strap and tighten the bolt (provided):
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