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Nick Jamal
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Well, after several years of ownership of two 124s, I have come to regard these (so-called) "climate control systems" with a mixture of frustration and fear. It's not as poetic as it sounds...

Although I've received help on this topic before (thanks Benzmac and MBDOC), I have some more details to add, so I hope you'll bear with me.

The AC was inoperative when I bought the car (mistake #1). I took it a friend of the family with an AC shop (mistake #2). After having invested about $1000 in parts with this guy and dozens of hours in diagnosis, I let him "finish" the job. Eventually, the compressor, condenser, receiver/dryer, and the pushbutton control unit were all replaced. The AC had the habit of cutting out and not reengaging until the car was restarted (difficult on the highway...). Thought I had that one solved with the relatively recent replacement of the belt tensioner damper, but no. Well, here are the symptoms, and I apologize for the length of this post.

At any ambient temp, car stationary:
-the compressor cycles normally when idling
-compressor cuts out if revved momentarily to ~2000rpm and stays off for ~10 minutes before reengaging.

At moderate ambient temp (~21degC), while driving:
-AC operates fine, even though 2000rpm is frequently achieved

At higher ambient temp (~25degC), while driving:
-AC cuts out indeterminately (read: I can't always judge when), and then stays off for 5-15 minutes while I lose 5-15 liters of sweat.

I'm at my wit's (and wallet's) end with this problem. The belt tension seems fine. I should add that the compressor is aftermarket and that the pressures have been checked by a MB dealer. Really appreciate any and all input from you kind souls. Will mail cheesecakes.


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