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Question Not sure?

Hi Richard - thanks for the reply... a couple of clarification points?

"The electrical wires are also not hard to replace. "
I assume you mean the leads to the sparks?

"To check, you can use a sparkplug tool, but you can also open the hood with the engine running in the dark and look for sparking. "
With or without connection to the spark plugs? Not *quite* sure where/what you mean in this regard!

"You shouldn't see any sparks."
Where am I looking? Do you refer to checking the lead along it's length?

"If you do, check the point at where the spark is arcing."
Not quite sure what this would indicate.. Then replace the cable?

"Also, make sure that the wire is well connected and not corroded at either end. "
Again I assume you mean the ignition leads to the sparks?

Sorry - just a bit more clarification would really help. I have a few hours left at work, so I can happily reply/converse!!

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