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I spent the last few days overhauling my system for 134. I replaced the reciever and compressor and flushed everything.
I tried charging from the low side, but made better progress from lo/hi side. What is technically correct? The compressor didnt fire until the fifth can, when I ran a 12 volt wire to the blue white lead.
The system worked like it should. The auxiliary cooling fan came on (in front of the radiator) and conditioned air came out of the vents.
So now I hand fire my compressor with a switch in the passenger compartment.
Is there a pressure switch in the system--why doesnt the compressor get its signal normally? If so, will I have to evacuate the sytem to install a new pressure switch?
Please remember 50% of the fun on these cars is solving the technical riddles.The other half is pulling up to the dealer to buy parts and watching people pick up thier cars at service.
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