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Mike, I hope you're right!!! I went back out and looked, the drivers side rails are definitely intact. I can see the broken off piece, and the tip looks exactly like those of the exposed rails. The tensioner arm looks like it has a blunt end, but then I looked up a picture of it on FastLane and it looks like they come that way. The other rail on the passenger side is intact on top, and you really can't see the bottom too well, so my only hope is if it is the bottom of that rail that the broken piece came from. I called an MB shop and they said that lower rails "rarely need replacing and that they are willing to bet that it is an upper" I hope you and the shop are right!! If it is only the uppers, I think I can tackle this with the step by step instructions on this forum and my service manuals. I'm not payin the astronomical price the shop wants!! For the money I save in labor, I can pay for my service manuals, buy a nice torque wrench, maybe even a complete tool set
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