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C280 EGR Tube Clean Out -Through the Air Intake

C280 EGR Tube Clean Out -Through the Air Intake

This is a method that worked for me on my 1996 C280.

There are 2 ways to ream out the EGR tube.

Method 1:
By disconnecting the tube at the EGR Valve. You then have to push in about 40 inches of cable to get to the clogged area, which is a sharp bend right by the air intake tube.
You know you are in far enough when the cable can be seen in the air intake tube.
(about 1.5 below the butterfly, from the drivers side)

Method 2:
Through the air intake.
Materials required:
28 1/8 dia wire rope
20 5/16 OD copper tubing (the wire rope goes through the tubing)
Electric Drill

Bend the tubing in the shape of the letter C
With a 90 degree, 1.5 radius on the bottom
A vertical section about 10
And a 90 degree 6 radius on top

Push the wire rope through the copper tub, Hook up the drill to the wire rope at the top.
Use a piece of wood to keep the butterfly open.
Now insert the reaming tool down past the butterfly, line up with the hole for the EGR tube, and ream with the drill in reverse (this keeps the wire rope from unwinding)
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