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Originally Posted by C280 Sport View Post
My God this post is just mindblowing... First we are talking about a C215 not a W140 body. This car shown is a C215... Second a 02 CL is not anywhere near as well bult as the 05/06 CL's. I know this for a fact and also its post facelift. Third if someone goes from a CL to a Subaru the chances are they cannot afford the upkeep and just wanted to play big shot on a Subaru budget. The badge has 0 to do with how reliable or well made a car is. It was poor choice by the owner thats all. Many 05/06 CL55/65 owners are very happy with reliablility. Much more so then the pre facelift. A member on mbwrold has a 04 CL55 with 140K on it and has not had any ABC issues. Not bad for a car so advanced with technology.
Yep, gotta pay to play.

If one finds an ad for a an exotic car with a relatively low entry-fee and then find themselves worrying over repair bills, it's not for them.
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