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why didn't my airbags go off in my 500E?

Hey guys, trying to keep a long story short. I was in a one car accident in my 1992 500E. Someone pulled out in front of me when i was reading one of those "BUCKLE UP DRIVE SAFE" flashing signs, when i looked forward i noticed i was practically kissing his back bumper, had to swurve to miss him. Heres the important part:

The left side of my car hit the left barrier doing about...45 maybe? Then i bounced off the left barrier and it threw me across the road and smacked me into the right barrier probably at about 40mph, it really sent me flying for some reason. When i hit the left barrier i hit it basically exactly at my side, it smashed my two left wheels, and scraped my front bumper on the side, and my lower side panels.

When i hit the right barrier, i was basically sideways, and my rear end smashed in to it, my right rear end corner. The body was barely damaged, but my lower bumper was coming off and bent up like an accordian. So basically, the impact was at my back bumper, right side.

After hitting that, i was thrown into the middle of the road. and my airbag never went off?

Was it a faulty airbag or do they only go off front impact? Past a certain speed? What's the deal?

The car should be ok, i'm actually pretty proud at how well it held up. The hard shell of the car basically only suffer a couple scrapes it looked like, but the flimsy bumpers took all the damage. I'm pretty impressed with how the car held up. Atleast I know they're built like tanks now

I was countersteering pretty hard to not hit the sides all that hard, which helped in the slightest, because if i would have had about 10 more feet before that right barrier i wouldn't have hit it.

But it all happened so fast, i'm just glad i'm ok. Cars are shoulder thats killing me isn't I wish I could take it to an autobody shop

But why didn't my airbags go off? Anyone?
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