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Question Looking to buy 450 SLC...

Several years ago, I had a 1977 280 SLC (European model). I loved it, and it was probably my favorite car of all time. Alas, a very stupid woman T-boned me in SC, and totalled my beautiful ride.

Anyway, I have located a 1980 450 SLC 5.0 litre. Pretty much the same car I used to have, except it has the 5.0L V8, which I assume is a larger displacement version of the 4.5 L (European model). Is there anything I should be looking for on one of these cars before I buy one (other than rust, I already know about that one)?

The vitals on the car are:

77,000 miles
One owner
Service records available

I have only had one MB V8 (1984 380 SEL), and the tensioner blew up, and I had to have both heads rebuilt. Is this a common problem with all/most 80's vintage MB V8's? Any other gotcha's I should be aware of??? What is a fair price for one of these babies?
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