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I don't know if you are experiencing what I have on a previous car but if you are then you may want to consider the following. I had previously owned a 81 300TDT that was blowing oil through the crank case vent tube into my air breather. It was so bad that I was having to change the air filter with each oil change. In an effort to remedy this problem, I thought long and hard as well as looking for some help. I concluded that the only reason for this was that the oil was not flowing in the passages that is was intended to and as a result found the path with LEAST RESISTANCE. With that in mind, I came across a product that seemd appropriate...STP Engine Flush. I began using this product on a car that had 250,000+ mi. with some most product of this nature actually recoment not using on cars over (?),000 miles. After the first use, I noticed immediate change. By the time I had used the product five times consecutively (which is not necesarilly recomended on the prod.) all of the "blow by" as I refer to it had stopped and no additional oil leaks were incurred. I discontinued the use of the product and the car continued to do very well. I later sold that car in order to purchase a 300SD and am treating it the same way with excellent success! I hope that you can resolve your problem as I have.
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