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Fuel Pump Regulator

I just wanted to send a small token of thanks to everyone who participates on this site. I had my sister buy a 1994 E320 with 55k miles on it earlier this year. Other than it being a winter car and some rust attributable to the car - I figured it was a great deal. I have had no problems with mine other than the expected wire harness.

Long story short - she took delivery of the car and within a day the window elevator motor needed replacing, an actuator for the medium speed on the windshield wipers and the neutral lockout swtich were all defective. All very minor repairs but as you might guess she was convinced the cars were unreliable. She loved the way it drove but felt sketchy about its maintenance.

Ever since she bought it, it has had issues with starting. The Mercedes dealer/mechanic and an independent all came to the conclusion that it was just one of those 'bugs' she would have to live with. I was not satisfied by this so I scoured web sites.

Needless to say I found several postings here which described exactly her issue - slow starting, applying gas pressure definitely helped but it would still crank for a few seconds. Most of the postings said they resolved it by replacing the fuel pressure regulator. For $50 I figured what is the harm so last Sunday I popped the hood and 15 mins later had the part replaced.

What do you know - thing started up like a charm and she has not had one hint of starting problems since. Now she loves Mercedes
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