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$28K for '98 S-500 w/ 65K miles is right price, not $38K

I recently bought a like new '97 S-500 for $30,500 with 55K miles. Your $28K price was a good final price for a '98 with 65K miles. Dealer list prices are usually $7-10K more than the actual value of the car, and you would have to be in a really big hurry or a bit thick to buy from a dealer at those prices. Here is a link to some extensive posts on this subject, including links to where you should check for W-140s. Stick to '97-'99 just over 50K miles if you can. is good, but I suggest you will learn more and more quickly on E-bay.

Prices at the Eastern US Auction in Pennsylvania are slightly less than on the West Coast at the moment. Most used W-140s are coming off their lease period now, and that is the car you will probably want to buy as they have all the maintenance done religiously to protect the end of lease value. Maybe you will find a one-owner non-leased, non-auction car, but I found that all of them that I saw were not taken care of nearly as well as the previously leased cars.

Good luck!
David Foley
'97 S-500

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