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Originally posted by LarryBible

That is, as far as cars go, my motto is "Buy early and buy often."

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Big ol LOL!! Only you could have said that!! I will add " buy them HOT" to that!! All jokes aside, you are right on. For the family car, which is always the wife's daily driver, I keep her in a recent vehicle. For the past ten years she has not had a car with over 45,000 miles. Me, on the other hand, I'm content to drive anything that is "fairly" dependable and economical. My days of impressing people with cars are over! I still like to change my own oil, tune my own cars and will even do a head rework if necessary. But I cannot justify reinventing the wheel at my age. I have NEVER been stranded by a vehicle with a carb and points!! (If you don't count the time I ran out of gas).
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