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Question '93 300 SL with Digital Odometer?????

I’m looking at a ’93 300SL with a manual 5-Speed transmission. The car seems to be in great shape, but something caught me by surprise. This car has a digital odometer. I was under the impression that Mercedes did not start with the digital odometers until late ’94 on the ’95 models, but then I’m not that familiar with the W129 SL’s.
Is this correct or has the Speedo been replaced? The car only has 53,xxx miles on it and does not seem like it has been modified or tinkered with.
I also did not realize that Mercedes already started using the switchblade keys in ’93.
Anybody have a ’93 W129 SL that has the same digital odometer and keys and can help me put my doubts aside?

Thanks for all of your expert replies!!

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