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Nice car guys... I want a 115 too.. damn I want all old Benzes
BTW Speedy300dturbo, thinking of replacing the wheels on the 300D?

Here's a very recent picture. This weekend at a car wash place...

That was the longest carwash ever.. 3hrs!! My friend with his 2000 BMW 323ci and I decided to wash our cars after all the bad weather driving. My car was sooo dirty that the paint looked faded.. (I mean,.... dirt and the 'beautiful' anthracite gray color kinda matched)...

I should've taken a before picture...

If I get that 500E I'll miss this diesel..unless I could get the 500E for 'cheap' (less than asked) then I might keep the 300CD I love the 500E but the 123 has all the right 'lines' that classic MB's have... that the 124 doesn' me weird..

If you have sharp eyes you'll notice that the RR wheel seems to only have 1 lug bolt... don't worry the other four are just the 'wrong' lug bolts (they are the newer ones w/o the elongated heads)

Another one.. sorry I just love the way the 123's look from behind....

2008 BMW 335i Coupe

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