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The copper fatigue if it becomes an issue should occur in the area of highest vibration. That is closer to the engine in my opinion. Remember that failure of the oil sendors pressure line on the average 616 0r 617 is virtually unheard of.

At this moment I am not sure of the fluid filled tubes composition on the oil pressure gauge. Some have gone 500k or more by now . Supporting the tube in the areas of maximum vibrations also can reduce vibration fatigue problems.

Having the gauges is more important than that extreme possibility in my opinion anyways. I know you have at least one aftermarket gauge in your own system

Plastic feed lines could virtually eliminate any concern if used.. The nice additional bonus of the need for fluid filled mechanical gauges. If an internal gauge leak evolves it will in all probablity be confined to the sealed gauge. Unlike the mechaniucal oil presure gauges.
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