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Well...that great deal I got wasn't so great after all. I didn't realize just how hot the receiver was going to get, and I parked the CD player on the top, just like I did to the old one that lasted for years. I woke up this morning, turned on the system, and the speakers started popping and buzzing. Apparently it's fried.

I sent my wife up to Best Buy to pick a new one up. After talking to the salesman she found, she called me and had him speak to me about what I needed. After a few minutes talking with him and bickering about pricing, I told my wife to give the salesman $179 for the following...

Pioneer 700W 5.1Ch. 3D PassThrough AV Home Theater Receiver VSX-522-K - Best Buy

I'm hoping that it's going to last for me. I like Pioneer, and have always trusted the brand to be quality.

My last system wasn't HDMI compatible, and sound was transferred via rca cables. I think sound should be better with this new set-up...I guess we'll find out when my son plays his video game this evening. The surround sound should really shine with the games.
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