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Re: 2000 S500 problems?

Originally posted by Crankin
Has MB done free updates on these cars to take care of problems like BMW does?

This board has a few "dual owners" and you don't want to get into a discussion of BMW backing their product better than MB. BMW has developed quite a recent reputation for leaving owners of late-model cars high and dry.

That said, Mercedes is going in the same direction. The new W220 S-Class has it's share of teething problems, but nothing like the previous W140 cars. People I've spoken to have talked about minor electrical glitches mostly, with mechanical systems being bulletproof. With such an expensive car, and the potential for expensive down the road repairs, the cheapest insurance is to buy one from a dealer and buy the extended warranty. On a late-model S-Class, the warranty is a low percentage of he purchase price.

And yes, Mercedes generally is pretty good about performing updates, but the dealer will have to be servicing the car, as they don't mail out such information.
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