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Originally Posted by gatorblue92 View Post
In either 79 or 80 the transmission switched over to vacuum control from the old style control rod. Not 100% sure on the year since I have seen conflicting reports on that.
For what it's worth, mine was nearly a 1980 judging by the build date and it still has the control rod. 1980 was probably a transition year just like was for a few other things.

Another 1980 transition - the glow plugs, which transitioned in 1980 to pencil style, with a new relay, from the former loop style.

It's probably also right around that time a new main vacuum line from the pump to the booster was designed to include a second nipple to feed the transmission. My 1979 has the old style with a single nipple.

And also around when they ditched the idle control cable and knob.

I think 1981 was the last year for the engine shocks to be mounted with simple rubber buffers and metal retainers. After that the one-piece metal and rubber/plastic mounts were used, which are now so notoriously expensive.

No mono-valve before 1981

When did they move from a large clock in the gauge cluster to a tach with smaller clock inset?
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