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I believe that the inclusion of the tach in the instrument cluster came with the turbo in 1982. Possible exception might have been the 1981 TD, but don't own any 1981's. This means that the right portion of the later 123's instrument cluster is different from the early non-turbo models.

The front seats have 6 narrow pleats in the center between the bolsters in '84 and '85, but only five in the earlier years.

Somewhere in the '80 - '81 era, the button controlling the emergency flashers changed from a large almost square one to a smaller more rectangular one. Location of the relay also changed about that time. The grilles in front of the windshield were a 'chrome' plated style in 1982, black in '83 and later, and were possibly black earlier on.

The black plastic knob used to lock and unlock the doors is the same item for the '61 190Db, the '68 220D/8, and right thru 1985 W123 production !!!
1961 190Db retired
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