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Randall Grubbs
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I have a Starmarked 2000 S500 (Nov 1999 build date) that I bought in March 2002 with 20K miles. I now have 38K miles on it. It has had no problems except that the early cars had weak A/C systems that were upgraded in the later builds. The car is relatively loaded with the comfort seats with the cooling fans and rear A/C with its own evaporator. Even with all this, here in Dallas the car would not cool enough in the Summer. Without me even complaining, the dealer upgraded the system to the newer specs and it works fantastically. I think the original evaporator was too small. Other than this, I have had no problems other than a vanity light that was replaced. Free oil changes, although they are too far spaced apart in my mind. Was told not to change the tranny fluid which makes me nervous. Starmark is good to 100K miles so I don't really worry about anything right now. The engine is fantastic and I love to drive the car.

'94 E500
'00 S500
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