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Originally Posted by charmalu View Post
84 and 85 300D have the tach Pick up off the adaptor plate between the eng and transmission.
84 and 85 have the Rack Position Sensor on the back of the IP.
These feed into the Black box behind the pass side kick panel the 84 and 85 have, this send a sig to the EGR.

84 and 85 have the ARV valve on the turbo.

I think that ARV valve is the main reason why the air cleaner design is different for the cars that came with this ARV valve on the turbo, the air cleaner base is clearanced for room for that ARV valve. He mentions the different air cleaner in his original list but I think this ARV valve you speak of on the 84-85 turbos is why the change to the air cleaner. So if the SD turbos had this ARV valve for those years specifically...then the air cleaner housings off those cars should work with subsequent swaps. Delibes, you could add ARV valve on turbo to your list of the 84-85 years. What does ARV stand for?

I tried to put an air cleaner off an 82 SD onto my 85 300TD and it would'nt fit. they look pretty much the same except the bottom tube is formed with an indentation for clearance of that ARV valve....would'nt fit properly so ended up sharpening welding skills on broken 85 air cleaner housing and re-used.

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