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Masking a faulty Air Flow Meter.

Perhaps some of the more experienced techs could chime in on this on.

After years (not the sharpest tool in the shed) of tinkering (hence my screen name) with my wife's 190e 16v. And to essentially be back near square one! I have discovered that if the throttle position senson's idle contract is disconnected, my car will not exhibit the symptoms of a faulty air flow meter (ie high idle after warming up, fixed duty cycle of 45% and occasional near stalling or stalling at lights). I believe the throttle position sensor was PURPOSELY misadjusted by a previous owner/mechanic to hide the fact that the car is in need of a new meter($$$).

With this switch disconnected, I noticed no adverse effects on performance or starting. I did note an elevated duty cycle reading (78% versus 56%) hence the car runs a bit richer.

Could a tech please comment if this is typical for the CIS KE system and any adverse effects on either driveability or emissions by running the car this way.

If this is correct, for all you potential buyers out there...beware. Make sure you check this or your mechanic does during a PPI as some of those air flow meters are $$$$$.


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