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I was waiting on somebody to call my hand on my first response, but nobody did, so.

If memory serves me well, I think my very first post on this forum was asking if anyone had put a Ford engine in a W124. My frustration with my engine is well documented here. I haven't ruled it out yet, even though I just spent nearly $3000 on a head rework and reman transmission.

With that said, I met a member at the MB Autowerks last Saturday that had done just that. He "engineered" a Ford 302 into a 190. (I think it was a 190, German beer was involved)
Anyway, he had lots of detailed photographs of his project, and I can say that if there is a right way to do it, then he did. There was no jerryrigging involved. When he needed a special part to mate the two, he machined one. He built or modified everything. The result was remarkable! I was duly impressed. But, I was left with the thought of was it worth it ! As Larry said, you better be damn good and have plenty of time and patience, cause from what I saw it's a hellova job! If you think you can just drop in a non MB powertrain, then you've got another thing coming.

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