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1. I can not hear it "roaring" as I have heard described.

With the engine (99 deg C) I shut it off and watched the fan spin. Spun many times as I stated before, but this time I checked for play in the bearing. Seems there is about 1 mm movement in the fan clutch when push/pulling at the 3 and 9 o clock positions on the fan. Problem? I think so. Agree?

Could not get the temp any higher.

2. Pulled the sensor that controls the fan (two prong) and shorted the two terminals. Fan turned on fine. Read this in another thread.

3. The rad is warm all over after the car had been idling for a few minutes. Cool though after driving. I think Joe is correct, the rad was dumping the heat in the 20 deg F temps in MI. My bad.

4. Oh, the T-Stat is a Behr, and replaced two months ago.

5. I checked the cap on the tank after sitting overnight and it still had slight pressure that was released. This leads me to believe cap/tank is ok.

6. I did the water wetter. Figured for $8 maybe I will get a little less surface tension near the heads/combustion champber and get better cooling locally. Temps do seem to drop back to normal quicker after being stopped. Still go to 99 though.

I will keep at it and let everyone know when I do solve this puzzle.

Fan Clutch loose......problem?
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