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Well after what seems like the never ending battle againest oil leaks on my 1990 300CE (oil pan, upper/lower timing cover) I am now left with one last leak. Its very very difficult to tell if its the upper timing cover or head gasket. It leaking right from the point (right side of engine)where the timing chain cover and head gasket meet. My mechanic suggested re-torqueing the head to see if that will eliminate the leak before they pull the head off.

Any suggestions if you think this will help or not. Its not a bad leak, but more then seeping. The car has 138,000 miles and the gasket was replaced under warranty at approx 50,000 miles. I will have the head gasket done if it really needs it, but I'm sorta strapped for cash for a while...and can do without out the large bill. Has anyone stopped the head gasket leak by retorqueing the head?

Thanks in advance.

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