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FSS uses a "oil quality/level sensor" More or less it checks the continuity of the oil and determine life left, however, Europe has different processing standards (germany) and their dino oil is of better quality/pureity.

Use synthetic is you plan on following the FSS, you also can have your dealer reset the system from the 10k default setting to 7500. Otherwise you'll be putting oil rings in it due to coking.

Personally I feel the cly. walls have a hot spot near the base which heats up the piston skirt. This will lead to early coking of the oil rings. (323 1.6 mills did the same thing, Mazda added sprayers in 91)

While there is no "mandate" we were told by the rep to run mobil1 in the FSS cars, the coking problems pretty much went away.

Just change the oil every 7500 or switch to synth and it'll be fine.

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