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If you have never worked on a NSS before then there is something to be aware of: They must be adjusted into position. This is not hard, but it can be time consuming.

If you take the switch off to clean the contacts, which is likely all it needs, then bench test it with a voltmeter to make sure it is working before you re-install it. That way if you car will not start you will not assume you have just wrecked everything, and you will know that you have to just make a slight adjustment in the position of how the switch is mounted.

This could also be something as simple as a wire coming loose from one of the connections to the switch. You will not know until you crawl under there and eyeball it.

The bottom line.... This is a simple repair, but it can drive you nuts trying to get that thing into proper adjustment.

And then there are times when you get it right the first time around. You will not know until you get in there.
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