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This is a reply from Redline's tech support:

> Hello,
> I checked the directions of WaterWetter (for Diesel) and it said one
>bottle (15 ounces) per 10-15 gallons cooling system.
> My cooling system (a 1985 Mercedes Benz 300D W124 Diesel) only has 6
>liters (around 1 1/2 gallons).
> Does this mean I jut put 15% of the 15 ounce WaterWetter bottle?
> Can't I just pour the whole bottle? What will happen If I our in the
>whole bottle?
> Thanks!
> Francis Campos
> Philippines

In your Mercedes diesel I would recommend the regular WaterWetter, one
bottle will treat a cooling system from 12 to 20 quarts of capacity. This
has corrosion protection so you can use a reduced antifreeze concentration,
and help lower the coolant temperatures and improve the heat transfer.

The Diesel WaterWetter is used for large commercial diesel cooling systems
that have a separate corrosion package metered into the system.

I would expect the capacity of your cooling system to be more than 1 1/2
gallons. You could use 4 ounces of the Diesel WaterWetter, but I would
recommend reducing the antifreeze to 15% and use the regular (red)

Thank you for your interest in Red Line Oil.


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