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95 E320 head gasket DIY repair

I'm just a few bolts short of removing the head from my 95 E320. All I need to do now is separate the chain timing assembly and loosen the head bolts. The manual is somewhat confusing on this repair. I need someone to hold my hand through this.

There's a pin that holds the side chain guide that needs to be hammered out. What's the best way for a DIYer to remove this pin with the radiator in place?

What needs to be removed as far as cam sprockets go?...both intake and exhaust sprockets?

I've indexed the chain to each sprocket with a mark. When the chain is slack, will it jump off the crank sprocket, making the marks meaningless?

What's size 12-pt torx bit is needed to remove the head bolts?

Lastly, I'd like to verify the installation torquing sequence:
1st step - run each bolt down to 55 Nm.
2nd step - tighten each bolt 90.
3rd step - tighten each bolt another 90.
95 E320 Cabriolet, 140K
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