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Originally posted by PaulC
I thinking of placing a Chevy 502 crate engine in my 190E 2.3. I've been told it's a perfect fit, even the auto trans bellhousing bolts up. I'm looking for a GMC 6-71 supercharger to fit this engine. If anyone has one lying in their garage, please send an e-mail.
Good lawd.. what are you guys thinking about? Just sell the DAMN car if your having so many problems. find someone who will appreciate the car and sell it to them. I know talk is cheap, but either:
- you're a unemployed engineer with lots of time on your hands,
- you have a family member or close friend that its the above category,
- or you folks are contributing to the world-wide drug problem fund that is used to buy arms by the drug lords and Al-Quaeda.
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