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Honest Deputy - It's too low to the ground

Stopped by deputies at 1:00 AM. They had calls to 911 about my car and my driving. I make the same drive after getting off second shift at midnight every day. No drugs or alcohol. Deputies had followed me and said my tire touched the white line on two occasions. Said a person reported me running off into a ditch.

At that point I told them that I thought my 93 W124 Cabrio had maybe four inches of ground clearance, and if I had been in a ditch there would be plenty of body damage. They agreed, and walked around and checked, no damage, no mud. Sent me on my way.

I did recall being tailgated by a bonehead with brights on, I had turned on to a long straight road and put some distance between us (all at or below the legal limit), while keeping it under 6000 rpm. Just jealous, I guess.
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