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engine miss

Originally posted by 190dee
Great thread!

-When the engine stall(no misfire) the tach drops very quickly. Engine catches and stalls for 2-3 times and then it runs fine again. Sometimes for days, sometimes for months. Could a fuel pump with insuffient delivery cause this? Then during stalling the pump gets time to pressurize system again and give enough pressure for injectors to open normally. Just my thoughts...

I do not have my manual handy,so I am basing my answer on American vehicles, but this could be caused by the air mass or manifold pressure sensor, I suggest checking the connections. For a Benz, might also be the fuel pressure regulator/actuator (sp?)

-During normal conditions there is a vacum pressure in the fuel tank. How would a clogged charcoal canister affect fuel delivery?
Mmmm, should have pressure, not vacuum

-When enginge starts again I hear the pop sound from the cat as described by John

If it is loading up, the pop might be HC igniting

I had also a very worn ground wire between engine and chassi. Grounding point at the high voltage capasitor and intake manifold on engine. After I did replace this wire with a new one the stalling occur more often? Could it be just a coinsidence?
If a sensor is malfunctioning, improving the ground would make it-work- better, thus malfuntion more often.

I will look this up in the manual tonight and post more tomorrow about 10Am CST.
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