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thanks fellas


The 944 is a nice track car, and not too expensive to run. They are a bit complicated though to work on tho but I have 13 years experience wrenching my 944 cars. The pile of spare parts really helps.

The 944 is a fantastically balanced car with superb braking. The normally aspirated 944 is a bit slow for some track junkies but it is very very predictable on the track (and street) so it is really hard to get into trouble with it. It gives plenty of warning when you push it and wont break loose unless you really coax it.

I never made the jump to the turbo 944 (951) but they are a blast to drive with 100 more ponies than the non turbo. The added labor to run one somewaht detracts from doing so.

If you can drive a 911 (what year?) you can get used to a 944 really fast. You may miss steering with the gas pedal !
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